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Sunday, March 17

Do Gyarus Wear Brown Contact Circle Lenses?

I have seen a lot of nonbrown and darker color lenses but I have seen natural and Brown and Black circle lenses as well.

This is my "product demonstration" of Geo Bambi Chocolate (Princess Mimi). These were bought by me by own money. =)

Geo Bambi Chocolate (Princess Mimi) with sun pouring in my window while I'm facing it. (Alot of light)

Geo Bambi Chocolate (Princess Mimi) in indoor lighting.

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References to my skin tone are:
L'oreal caramel beige W7 close but not perfect needs more yellow
Revlon PhotoReady 008 mixed with 010 Caramel then powder.
Revlon Colorstay 370 Toast although darker it fits well. It's natural for your face and hands to be darker since it gets more sun. I usually powder with a golden shimmer highlighter for balance.

I absolutely love these lenses!! *does the hokie pokie* They make my eyes look bigger which fits right into the gyaru/ulzzang look. My sister said I look like an anime doll which I took that as a compliment because (A) I like anime and (B) I like dolls,lol. I love that they are brown which makes them versatile with wearing colors in makeup and clothing. Since I don blonde hair and have brown skin I have to be careful with colors because different colors can make me look harsh. Anyhoo thanks for checking out my blog post. 
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