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Sunday, March 31

Sushi X Stamford Connecticut Tasting with Honey Tan

I'm calling this a tasting because it was my first time there.

Sushi from Sushi X
Bin's First Plate

Sushi from Sushi X
My  first plate
To put it simply we enjoyed ourselves. We both ate more than one plate of sushi/sashimi and even ventured to miso soup (me), see weed salad (him), cheese/crab wontons (me). For dessert I had two bowls of ginger ice cream. The ginger ice cream was great! Creamy and helped my tummy feel better. I wasn't feeling well  and it wasn't because of the food I just lady problems that day. I was REALLY hungry, I honestly could have ate more but we had stuff to do that day.

It's a great bargain for the price. They make the food right then and there so no eating sushi that has been under a hot light. There were no smancy fancy rolls that required expensive meats or ingredients however still tasty because it wasn't vegetable rolls like at some sushi buffets. The only downside I have to this restaurant is in the women's bathroom the toilet flush handle was broken. So to be polite to the next customer and flush you had to figure how to move the handle just right just to flush the toilet.

In case you are wondering yes we will be going again. Thanks to the person who told Bin about this place. You put a smile on my face.

Black Gyaru Ulzzang Honey Tan likes Sushi from Sushi X Stamford Connectict

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