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Tuesday, April 30

Have your earliest friendships changed?

Yesterday I was talking to a female relative about friendship. I realized how many of my oldest friendships have changed from talking about and discovering our interests to talking about males and what is associated with them which is love, marriage, children, sex, etc.
It's a tad bit sad how fast female friendships are stagnate after that point because after a certain age alot of females lives become obsessed with males. I don't think alot of females realize this unless they practice self reflection.
They don’t realize they don't have any other interests besides getting a male or staying with the male they are with. A lot of development and learning about one self can be accomplished by fulfilling friendships. Friendships like relationships can influence you to be better or worse. It's nice to have friends to exchange on dealing with males but it's even nicer and more fun when the friendship goes beyond that.

For those who have almost lifelong friendships have your friendships changed over the years? 
Was it for better or worse?

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