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Monday, June 24

A Story in Six Words Today and 17 Syllable Poem

Yesterday I came across of list of beautiful and ugly words. I tried the six word story exercise on one but the few others that caught my eye I was struggling. So I thought I could do a haiku poem!! However I struggled with that as well. Defeated, I decided to just  take the 17 syllable method that Haiku uses. Delighted this was much easier for me,lol.

So with freedictionary.com's word of the day today gallivant , I tried the six word story and 17 syllable poem.

My first attempt of Six Word Story
word of the day gallivant proverb
This sounds like a proverb than a story so I tried again.
My final attempt at Six Word Story:
word of the day gallivant six word story

My 17 syllable poem
Word of day gallivant poem

Feel free to use for writing prompts with credit due of course. =)

I was thinking of parents who neglect their children to live a second childhood only to be lonely and deserted when their body starts to wear down. They burn bridges with their children by avoiding responsibility only to wake up when the tables have turned.

Writing Challenge:
Write a Six word Story, Haiku or 17 syllable poem using the word gallivant.

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