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Sunday, June 23

A Story in Six Words Today

  When I was younger I had a rich imagination and my mother encouraged me to use it on paper, so I wrote. I wrote short stories and even attempted novels. Alot of my stories characters were based on my barbie dolls and some were based on stories of me adventuring with my dogs. 
Well as I got older that slowly waned. My imagination then became overwhelmed with other issues teenagers deal with. In college, my freshman English professor encouraged that I should write more. Too bad I didn't stay or I would have.
Now I'm here yearning to write but have been so out of touch. I do disclose this blog has been a minor attempt especially with the Six Word Saturday's. When I came across the story of Hemingway's six word story. I thought not a bad idea for everyday. So with dictionary.com's word of the day below is my six word story. 

Text says:
A Story in Six Words Today
Southern drawl made the Yankee Call

Today my short story basically makes me chuckle.
Bear still teases me about my 'southern drawl' that I am yet to get rid of.

(( Funny thing I went to dictionary.com's app looking for a definition of a word and saw the word drawl. I decided that I was going to take on the task of six word story only to forget what word I was looking for in the first place!!))

I won't promise that I will do this everyday.  However I like learning new words and refreshing on the meanings of the ones I remember so this won't be the last!!

Feel free to use the graphic as a writing prompt with no editing of the graphic of course. =)

Writing Challenge:
Write a six word story with the word drawl.

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