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Wednesday, June 12

"Do You live in a Dog or Cat State?" Find out Now!

I currently live in cat state. My home state is a dog state. I like both. Cats are fun and affectionate towards me which I find that funny since I'm allergic to them. I itch every time I pet them or if an owner neglects their household and their fur is everywhere. (I had a friend like that he was too much of a hoarder and terrible house keeper to enjoy being over his house as company.) I love dogs though. Their fur doesn't make me itch and they are loving. Since where I reside doesn't allow small animals the "pet" I settled for is my cactus, Baby P (the "p" stands for prickly). =)

...and that ladies and gentlemen is the story of my life.

Do you live in a dog or cat state?
((Find out now below!))
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