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Sunday, June 2

"I am selfish." My answer to "Who do you dress for?"

Who do you dress for image
Text: Who do you dress for?
So yesterday I asked "Who do you dress for/ Who do you dress for the most?" For me I would be lying if I said myself. I conform just like most people to society's norm of "decency" or at least I think I do,lol. However I do dress selfishly. I dress to get the results I want even though I know that it is volunteering my partner for an occasional not always ((thank God)) displeasure. Now you are probably wondering what is this occasional displeasure means, it simply means guys try to test my boyfriend as if he's not "man enough" for me.

Now what are the results I want? To be treated well.

Like Marlene said I dress for the image. I know what the society I live in deems as feminine and I use it to my advantage. I wear clothing that is associated with femininity like dresses , skirts , leggings and since he isn't much taller than me a lot of ballet flats. The type of dresses and skirts I wear is what makes me a tad selfish. I  mostly wear dresses that hug my form. I wear the baby doll type dresses as well that he as bought me. It's promoted that form fitting dresses are the most flattering type of dress for an hourglass body shape. I wear it because I like my form and quite frankly I like showing it off.

Honey Tan inspired gyaru gal collage.
This Blonde is having alot of fun. =P
There are some people who thinks ladies of my complexion should never wear Blonde. That I'm making females like me look bad and self hating by donning Blonde hair. Honestly even if people assume that I really don't care. I know how I am treated in Blonde hair and it's quite well. Females are way nicer to me and even when they look like they have an attitude in their face they never express behavior wise . This reaction is great for me (who likes to deal with nasty attitude having people?). Males are nice as well nothing has changed with the
m. I suspect more females are nicer because the blonde is so attention getting that they know males are watching. It's funny how females act when they know males are watching versus when it's just females only , isn't it? ((You see this phenomenon in female oriented communities as well.))

So far I'm hoping I make sense the short of it is I dress to please me while border-lining society's norm of decency. It's funny because I'm attracted to niche communities. Some have cliques who have their own rules and I'm just not interested in following anything that doesn't please me. That's what makes fashion fun there are plenty of options to make your own. I hope I didn't bore you do death, lol.

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