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Monday, June 10

I WANT THIS WIG NOW!!: Model Model Deep Invisible Part Wig (Latte) OM17

Below is the review of Model Model Deep Invisible Part Wig (Latte) OM17 by Madison Lee

No negative comments against the lady in the video will be tolerated. I don't want to read them so don't post them.

Model Model Deep Invisible Part Wig (Latte) OM17
source: modelmodelhair.com
Ever since I got the Freetress Bently wig in the color op61327. Wearing wigs haven't been the same for me!! I have bought two other blondes that were darker and I wasn't feeling them. I even received another wig in another color that I wanted from the post "So Beyonce what blend of hair color are you wearing with that awesome dark root?" and it still wasn't doing it for me!!  I have shot videos and taken pictures to review the other wigs but I'm just not into them right now. This wig reminds me of Bently Straightened. If I had the money I would get it in the color OM17 of course!!
 To put it simply I am addicted to the 613 with a light 27 towards the root. It gives me the look I'm going for which is "adult-ish" "glamour model" feel. If you don't know what glamour modeling is it's basically tame as "Maxim" to out there as Playboy and Penthouse. ((If you didn't know I have a history of glamour modeling under a different name.))
When I was reading about Agejo/Agejah gyaru style it didn't surprise me to read that a lot of the girls that rock the style in Japan work in the adult field (a lot of hosting) because quite frankly they "looked" glamour modelish. I think this wig style would fit Mode Gyaru best. Since it's a more mature style.

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