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Monday, June 10

Inspirational: Steve Jobs "If today were the last day of my life"

You know I love making quotes so I had to meme it!
I wanted to tell you about a site similar to OhLife.com. I woke up early this morning like always and was surfing the internet when I found this site. For some reason I just can't find it!! Even though I know I didn't delete my history on my phone it's a ghost in my memory and phone,lol.
 This site that I don't remember the name or url, sends you a question of your choosing to your email every day. I was thinking about what question I would want sent to me everyday with no luck. Later on, I saw this article posted on face book and the question in the graphic I posted is the one I want.
Although so simple this question reminded me that I wanted to do more than what I'm doing now and I CAN do more than I'm doing now. So I'm off to take care of some business!!

(( By the way, I made that stumbleupon account and bitly account like I said I would in the other post. Yay me!))

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