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Friday, June 14

She's too SKINNY!!! She's too FAT!!!

She's Too Skinny She's Too Fat: Replace judgement and criticism with love.
via Unpacking the "F" Word
I loved this when I saw it on Facebook so I had to share!! I appreciate this message. It might seem backwards to the  image to the left but I do believe there are things that flatter people. Instead of belittling people I believe in suggesting things that might flatter them IF and WHEN they ask for my opinion or I ask them if it's okay if I suggest something to them. From what I have seen dealing with female targeted communities that handle fashion, gyaru style, makeup,etc. interjecting one's opinion when not prompted often comes off catty even when a person is trying to help. 

No one asked for your "opinion" Dr. Evil from Austin Powers Meme by ihearthoneytan.comOn the internet it seems that if someone post they are saying they are open to criticism but sometimes people just want to share. Positive feedback is always welcomed of course. Who doesn't want to be told they are wonderful or something they are presenting is great? However some are not really open to be criticized. This is why I love Deviant Art's criticize button (I forgot what it's called) because you know what the person wants. It basically lets people know they want some feedback so they can improve.
This is why I appreciate when people disable comments on their youtube videos and blog posts it sends out the message that opinion is not really wanted , they are just sharing.

My personal guideline I try to follow on the internet and in real life:
If no one asks for your opinion don't give it to them Jersey Shore meme by ihearthoneytan.com

How do you give out your opinion?

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