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Saturday, June 29

Six Word Saturday

World War Z then yummy sushi

From what I remember, World War Z was my first zombie movie that I watched. It inspired me to actually watch "The Walking Dead" that everyone has been raving about. 

The meal at Sushi X came to about $60.
(Two buffet meals, One Ginger ale, One Corona Light , tip)
What we ordered:
Dragon Roll
Tiger Roll - Least Favorite Roll but Bear liked it
Philly Roll Two portions - Classic favorite
X Roll - Favorite Roll
Crunchy Eel Roll - Favorite Roll
BBQ Squid
Aged Tofu
Squid Sashimi
Salmon Sashimi
White Tuna Sashimi
Seaweed Salad Two Portions
Ginger Ice Cream Two Portions

After splitting one plate of rolls and sashimi, two seaweed salads, aged tofu and BBQ Squid Bear was done. I ordered two more rolls and sashimi (can't recall what they were) and then had two bowls of ginger ice cream before we left. I could have ate more, I wanted to eat more but we have been there two hours so he wanted to leave. We had plans to go to the neighboring beach and take a stroll but that didn't work out. When we go out there it was dark already.

I liked the food. It was great for the price however the wait is what made the experience borderline irritating.  If I would have known it would have taken 35+ minutes to get food I think it would have been more bearable. I'm just not used to that. It was busy though so busy plus understaffed gives a long wait for food. I would go again. Next time I just won't make other plans because I most likely won't be able to make them.

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