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Saturday, June 22

Six Word Saturday

Circus and then Man of Steel

Man of Steel Movie 2013 poster
Source: manofsteel.warnerbros.com
Last Saturday, Bear texted me and asked me if I wanted to go the circus at Trumbull Mall. I said yes of course. It was his first time going and we both had a blast. The next day, the computer was acting up so I couldn't blog about it or anything else at all. All my details are not as fresh as if they would have been Sunday hence why I decided to not make one post about it and just add it as a summary to this week's Six Word Saturday. If you are curious for more information about Cole Bros Circus, their site is here.
 Tuesday, we enjoyed ourselves at the movies seeing Man of Steel. Before we went though we took care of some errands and a lil shopping. At first the movie came off cheesy to me  but I eventually ended up liking it as it went along. We didn't stay after the credits because we already learned from google that there wasn't any sneak peek trailers. The other day I texted my dad about the movie and we both agreed some elements reminded us of our ultimate father-daughter favorite The Matrix trilogy,lol.
The rest of the week was mundane and lifeless. The computer was repaired later on in the week but by then I lost my motivation to blog. I hate when I am enthusiastic about something and then lose my motivation because of an interference. I knew I was going to do this Six Word Saturday though. If anything I knew had material and the drive for this.

A brief story of our night of going to the circus:

Fortune Cookie photo
First we went to Panda Express...
Cole Bros Circus elephants photo
Then we went to the Circus. The elephants were awesome...
Bear and Honey Tan at Cole Bros Circus photo
Selfies at intermission.
Cole Bros Circus photo
I saw this in a movie and didn't get the hype. At the circus while I was watching this stunt live  I got an adrenaline rush!!
Cole Bros Circus  photo
Our farewell...
Until next time,

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