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Saturday, June 8


Teppanyaki & Supreme Buffet Bridgeport Connecticut outside location picture
Teppanyaki & Supreme Buffet outside
So my boyfriend had another three days off. Last week he promised he would take me to this new buffet we discovered, Teppanyaki & Supreme Buffet. Ever since we left Massachusetts and moved back to Connecticut we have been searching for our replacement for our forever beloved Minado's sushi buffet. It's hard to replace a great REAL sushi buffet but hell I will settle for a great Chinese buffet with generic sushi. (( I love my Americanized Chinese food ,too you know!))

So below are my plates of food. I forgot to take pictures of some once I started grubbing so forgive me for that. I didn't even leave there "full" but since we wanted to see a movie I thought it was best to leave after  45+ mins of being there.

source: abovetopsecret.

  • The thumbs up means good/tasty.
  • The thumbs down means I didn't like it.
  •  The Lady Gaga Okay/Poker Face Hand signal means okay.

Teppanyaki & Supreme Buffet Bridgeport Connecticut food picture
Bin's plate of Chinese Buffet Green Beans

Teppanyaki & Supreme Buffet Bridgeport Connecticut food picture
Half eaten plate of Mongolian Beef with Crab Wontons ad Sushi in the back. The sushi was a hit and miss some  were  yum other were bleh mediocre typical  not what you want sushi that gets served at a "sushi" buffet.
Teppanyaki & Supreme Buffet Bridgeport Connecticut food picture
Sweet Potatoes, Mac and Cheese, Sesame Chicken and a stuffed Crab,

Teppanyaki & Supreme Buffet Bridgeport Connecticut food picture
Watermelon and Lime Jello
Not pictured that I remember eating:
  •  Clear Jello it was a weird flavor and it tasted like soap.
  • Strawberry Jello, can't really mess that up it was yum.
  • Hibachi plate Bin had, I ate a lot of the shrimp on his plate.
  • There was another plate of food but I forgot what it was. I know it was more Mongolian Beef and some other dishes though.

Now looking at the pictures you would probably be shocked to know that we are never going there again. Looking at my spirited title (lol) you probably are not surprised we are not going back there. The food was standard Chinese buffet nothing special but that wouldn't stop us from going back when we want a fix of Chinese . What is stopping is from going back is what happened thirty minutes AFTER we left the place.

If you are eating right now come back later to read below if you have a sensitive stomach.

Thirty minutes within eating at Teppanyaki & Supreme Buffet my boyfriend went to the restroom to take care of the "sit down" type of business if you get my drift. This is normal so we were not thinking nothing of it. After leaving 15 minutes in the car both of our stomachs started to feel bubbly and wanted to release some damage.  He seemed to have the worse symptoms out of us two. While our stomachs were having a fit we both were trying to figure out what happened!
 When we arrived at the mall that's when I tell him I have to go to the restroom, too. So we both speed walked into the mall looking for restrooms. I lead us to Target's restrooms and pooped we went.
When he came out and found me and we both simultaneously agreed again we are not going back there. He suspects the Hibachi plate is what did it since we both ate off of that plate. We both don't know what it was though. All we know going back there is a no-go!! My stomach is bubbling now as I type this... I wonder does it have foodie ptsd lol

(( I forgot to tell you about the appearance of the restaurant and the restroom, it was nice. The restroom was clean and nice smelling with toilet paper and soap stocked. ))

Until next time,

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