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Friday, June 14

Um, Hello!! It's POP not SODA! My Dialect Versus the North East!

Luckiest Man in the World: I don't always drink a soft drink but when I do I call it pop meme
I have been living in the north east for three years. When Bear* and I are at a restaurant and the waiter/waitress asks me what do I want to drink, I respond with "What kind of pop do you have?". It never fails they get this dumbfounded look on their face as if I was speaking another language. If it takes the longer than five seconds to comprehend what I just said Bear then says "What kind of soda do you have?" Afterwards Bear and I laugh it off,lol.

Let's meme!!
At a restaurant ...the look is....
Fry meme

When they are probably are thinking....
Jersey Shore meme
I might come off like
Sweet Brown Ain't Nobody Got Time For That Meme

and you are right! LOL
Just kidding.

Adopting dialect is more of something that happens by just interacting with people. For me, it's more subconscious than conscious. I even see Bear has adopted some of the terms my family or I have made up by just interacting with me. You see it all of the time where people adapt new words or phrases because they heard it on a television show, song or youtube video. Do you know how many times I have heard a term or a phrase in a conversation or read something on a social network status and fail to digest what they were saying only to find out they got the phrase from a reality television show!! Too many to count that's for sure!
 It's the same with accent, that's how I received mine. I was interacting with a lot of Texans so when I went back home nine months later I was an alien! People asked me where I'm from and I told them Kansas City like you!

So what is your generic term for a sweetened carbonated beverage?
(( Peep the infographic below for your state.))
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Until next time,
*Bear is the name I'm going to refer to my boyfriend now. Took me 24 hours to come up with that,lol.

By the way, I made these memes over at memegenerator.net !

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