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Sunday, June 23

You might be ADDICTED to the internet if...The symptoms of internet of addiction

You can read more at the dailymail.

From dailymail.co.uk:
The American Academy of Paediatrics has also recently published guidelines regarding children using the internet.It says excessive social media use can lead to attention problems, school difficulties, sleep and eating disorders, and obesity. It also encourages parents to help their children learn to use the internet in moderation by having rules including not allowing a computer in the bedroom, and only allowing a certain amount of ‘screen time’.

If my boyfriend saw this list he would probably accuse me of this when it comes to facebook,lol. It's not true though. I'm not even into facebook like that. I keep it for networking and to keep up with my family. I do have a habit of finding new social apps becoming obsessed with them and then dropping them when I find another cool app though. =P

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