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Wednesday, July 10

Do You Airbrush Your Photos? 40% admit to airbrushing their photos before posting online.

I suspect that the percentage of women airbrushing their photos is much higher than 40% if you count filters as airbrushing. I obviously see nothing wrong with a woman retouching her photos since I do it too. What concerns me is being so self critical that affects your vision of yourself and how you enjoy events. I remember when I fell into that trap in my teens when I realized that I was changing into someone who was happy and pleased with their looks to someone who felt bad. I sought to change myself to the old me. I drifted away from the behaviors I adopted like celebrity worshiping, watching television, following magazines. After I stopped I was back to my normal self.
Now that I'm older I feel more comfortable with doing those things with moderation of course exnay the celebrity worshiping. Back then, my biggest struggle in my teens was accepting nose. I'm with someone who affirms my beauty it makes me love my nose even more. Both of us have pudgy noses and it's clear that we both find it attractive since it's a reflection of our selves. (It's pretty clear we love ourselves as well, true confidence is attractive after all,lol).

Have you ever been so self critical that it made you insecure? How did you grow out of that insecurity?

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