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Monday, July 8

How Smiles Can Help Your Small Business

"The study, which examined the retail behavior of 2,006 consumers and the business practices of 1,216 decision makers in small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), reveals that a smile and a friendly hello is the most common reason (59 per cent) why consumers feel loyal towards independent retailers. However, only just over half (54 per cent) of respondents stated their small business employed this practice.
Three in five consumers are also willing to pay more for a product from a small independent shop rather than deal with a large corporate retailer, the study funded by Barclays Business Banking and carried out by Kingston Business School's Small Business Research Centre suggested.
"SMEs are in a unique position to embrace these traditional values of personal customer contact and loyalty and should build on their natural competitive advantages to make a real difference to survival and growth," Professor Robert Blackburn of Kingston Business School said."

How I'm planning to use this information

When I'm out and about wearing clothes that I would actually post on this blog I'm going to remember to smile more. When the opportunity presents itself I will pass out business cards to my blog when someone compliments me. I get compliments and of course joy is shown in my face with my smile but before that who knows,lol. ( I know I'm smiling when I'm with Bear but I don't pay attention to myself without him around.) Walgreens is always having sales on prints so I need to take advantage of that and print out some cards. I was waiting until I got some other things taken care of but now I have no excuse!!

How do you plan to use this information?

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