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Friday, July 5

Six Word Story

This six word story was inspired by  Nathaniel Messinger a character in the movie "City of Angels" . I saw this movie a long time ago. I vaguely remember the details of the plot but what stuck out to me is Nathaniel eating Ben and Jerry's ice cream in the hospital even though he knew his eating habits was contributing to his poor health. He used to be an angel so even though death is scary to humans it was like he was at peace because he knew what happened next. What is scary about death is really not being sure of what happens next. Being ignorant doesn't permit you to come to peace with deatj like the angel who kept eating eating the tasty but not the healthiest food despite it destroying his human body.

Today I used wordsmith's word of the day bellygod.
Feel free to use for writing prompts with credit due of course. =)

Writer's Challenge:
Write a six word story using bellyygod.

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