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Tuesday, July 9

So Beyonce I want your hair!! Beyonce Hair Dupe - Vivica A. Fox Wig - Warren - P2216

If you liked Beyonce's hair at Jay Z's album launch and a wig wearer I have a hair color and style dupe/suggestion!! If you are interested in her hair color I suggest P2216 as the closest blonde they offer for this wig. I had this color in another wig. It was dark on the bottom and then blended highlights are similar to Beyonce's hair below but not so chunky it's more frosted.

 I watched sexxyfarrah's video on Sunday. After I saw Beyonce at Jay Z's album launch pictures for the upteenth time I realized that the hair was similar. The Warren V wig has a looser pattern more like the below picture. According to Divatress, it's curling iron safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit! So that means you can curl the hair fibers to a tighter wave like the first picture if you desire.

Vivica A Fox Collection Warren V Wig Review 
(The color she is wearing in the video is GM432)
I guess the curl / wave pattern fell out by this time at night.
source: Getty Images for Samsung
source: vivicafoxhair.com
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Although I finished this post yesterday July 8,2013. I decided to schedule the post for today. =)

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