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Wednesday, August 14

'Cocaine is Hell of a Drug': It may curb body's ability to store fat

The following information popped in one of my ScienceDaily's subscriptions a few days ago. I found the information interesting (cocaine stereotyped as the drug of choice for famous models and other celebs) so I thought I would share. 
Text says: "The scientists found that cocaine use may cause profound metabolic changes which can result in dramatic weight gain during recovery, a distressing phenomenon that can lead to relapse. It was previously widely believed that cocaine suppresses the appetite and that the problematic weight gain during rehabilitation was a result of patients substituting food for drugs." source: sciencedaily.com
 Read the full article at sciencedaily.com.
Rick James "Cocaine is hell of a drug" gif
source: hiifly.tumblr.com
I had to post Rick James with this!!
 Part of the reason why I even read the article because I remembered that line,lol.

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