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Wednesday, August 7

Detroit, Belle Isle and Motown Museum

To give a summary of my trip. I'm going to use pictures and fill in with words.
When I first arrived to Detroit I had breakfast at Bob Evans. It was my first time there it's basically franchised diner food, similar to a Denny's, Ihop, etc. I had a waffle which pretty much held me over all day. I was really tired because I didn't get a wink of sleep before my flight. However I'm glad I stayed up for as long as I did because I got a tour of Detroit that greatly changed my perspective of the city.

Below are my favorite spots that I visited in Detroit.
Belle Isle's Beach. Although there was bird poop everywhere it was still pretty.

Belle Isle.

I took this picture while driving past it.
Motown Museum

Motown Museum

Berry Gordy Blvd. and yes I did get a ice cream cone here. =P

It ended up raining that Friday. I took a picture of the pretty rainbow.
Later that night I had fries at Denny's. I took one bite of the grilled cheese and couldn't finish because I was so full off of the fries. I ended up pawning off my sandwich to my brother and his girlfriend which they ate the following day. That said it was tasty.

That Sunday I was taking the greyhound bus to Pittsburgh. Because of construction the restrooms were temporary stinky portapotties,lol. The wind was nice but when it blew you could smell the waste.

I sat far away from the portapotties as I could. I still felt the breeze but was released from the path of the revolting smell when the wind blew.

My Saturday in Detroit was spend with blood family and affiliated family. I had fun it was full of a lot of eating, laughing and smiling.  I wanted to go back to Motown Museum and actually experience the paid parts but we didn't get a chance to do that. One thing for sure my mini-trip there has changed my view of Detroit. Before I have gone I was scared of all the city. I have been there before but I sure didn't want to stay overnight. I bought into the beliefs of what the media has told me about the city. Like any other city Detroit has it's areas that needs to be worked on when it comes to crime and poverty but that part shouldn't overwhelm it's reputation. I really do hope Detroit gets back on it's feet. The tour that was given to me by my dad's wife cousins was full of history and the side of Detroit I as a (young) outsider never hears about. I'm glad I got it. It makes me looking forward to visiting Detroit again instead being scared of visiting there. This trip has also reminded me that all unfamiliar places are scary at first but it's up to me to meet the challenge and see the reality of it and not just go along with the narrative that has been given to me.
I also got a cool Banana Republic Blazer at a Goodwill in Detroit that I will show in a Blazer haul post. I ended up parting my ways with family at the Greyhound Bus Station. I received a lot of hugs and well wishes before they left for the trip to their cities. =)

Forgive me for my lax in posting. I haven't been feeling well so the little energy I do have has been going into working. (I'm sleepy so when I get some rest I will reread and check for grammar issues!!) Tomorrow I will tell you about Pittsburgh and North Carolina.

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