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Wednesday, August 14

Lucky Star Kitchen Chinese Takeout Restaurant Review

Beef and Broccoli
Lucky Star Kitchen is a take out restaurant in Parsippany, New Jersey. I have been here twice, once in late summer 2012 and the last visit was last week. My first impression of the place was that it was subpar.
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce
When I was traveling to Parsippany again I wanted Chinese food. We stopped here again. I was reluctant because I knew it wasn't the best but I really wanted Chinese so I went along with it. I ended up ordering Beef and Broccoli and Bear had Shrimp with Lobster sauce. My broccoli was yum even with the mediocre sauce however the beef not so much. Do you know of the quick sale meat at the grocery store that is seconds from being spoiled that you have to cook as soon as you get home? When you forget to cook it the day you bought it, a day or a few days later the old meat tells on you when it's finally cooked even with seasoning.  Well that old meat I'm talking about that's what it tasted like. He was disappointed in only getting 4 shrimp in a tub of sauce. I didn't try the sauce because after a few bites of my meal I wasn't feeling like eating any more of there food. Bear being really hungry from not eating before gobbled the Beef and Broccoli up. He said the beef didn't taste funny so maybe it was just me. With two visits in with the same result (subpar at best) it should be no surprise that I will be skipping this takeout if I ever find myself in Parsippany, New Jersey again.
Lucky Star Kitchen takeout menu
Ten Word Review:
Subpar at best, not worth the seventeen bucks we spent.

(While searching for a site I came across the site thetenwordreview.com so I thought I would try it out with this blogpost. )
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