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Monday, August 12

Wig Color FAIL! Freetress Equal (Futura) Synthetic Wig Kendra in 613 review

Freetress Equal (Futura) Synthetic Wig Kendra
Since I liked the colorOP 613/27 by Freetress I thought why not just go straight for 613. I wanted a straight wig so I opted for Freetress Equal (Futura) Synthetic Wig Kendra. 613 as shown in the picture is a very pale, pale, pale blonde. I personally do not like it on me. I felt like I was cosplaying while wearing the wig and that is not the result I was going for ,lol. I even put dark roots in the wig like I have seen celebs do with this pale hair color and it still wasn't working for me. Now I wish I would have got the wig in the color GF8643, oh wells! 
Freetress Kendra Wig in the color 1B.
source: cosplaylicious.com
As mentioned in the title this wig is made of future fiber so that means it's heat safe. This particular style of wig is heat safe for up to 400 degrees. I have had Kendra in the color 1B for Tamina from Prince of Persia Cosplay - Test shoot.  I don't remember how long it lasted out of the box pretty but I know it was more than a few wears. When it started getting on my nerves I decided to pull the hair back in a bun and that made the wig last longer in that style. I still have the wig over a year later. I just plop it on for something quick and simple. I love the bangs however styled the wrong way you can see the tracks with the color 613.

What is your most memorable wig fail?

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