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Friday, September 20

'Carbonation Alters the Mind's Perception of Sweetness' - Science Daily [Graphic]

'Carbonation Alters the Mind's Perception of Sweetness' - Science Daily [Graphic]
"Carbonation, an essential component of popular soft drinks, alters the brain's perception of sweetness and makes it difficult for the brain to determine the difference between sugar and artificial sweeteners, according to a new article in Gastroenterology, the official journal of the American Gastroenterological Association"

Benefit is that with the right combination of artificial sweetener and sugar they can offer tasty low calorie soft drinks which could be an advantage for weight loss efforts.

The disadvantage is that "the combination of carbonation and sugar may stimulate increased sugar and food consumption since the brain perceives less sugar intake and energy balance is impaired. "

With this said I'm taking this information to let me know that when I'm drinking a soft drink I have to be aware that my brain might be getting tricked to drinking more sugary drinks and eating more food. Myself, I'm not too hot on artificial sweeteners but if this is true with the right combination of sugar I wouldn't know I am drinking artificial sweeteners anyways,lol. 

In your eating regimen, do you consume beverages with artificial sweeteners? How do you plan to use this information to benefit you?

source: Science Daily | Graphic by Honey Tan at ihearthoneytan.com

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