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Monday, September 23

Happy 101 post! Things Blogging made me realize about myself.

Bunny Saying Happy 101 post

Happy 101 post for ihearthoneytan.com ! Yay me! I'm shocked I made it this far under a year. I have been blogging since March. At first I thought this blog would be gyaru related and inspired but then I found myself writing about other things.

Things blogging made me realize about myself:
  •  I realized that although I do like niche fashion styles I'm not to hip on following "the rules" which dampens my motivation to write about it.  
  • I discovered what I love about makeup. I love doing my makeup but I'm not to enthusiastic about experimenting when it comes to my eyes. I prefer my attempted smokey eye look while trying different lipsticks. It seems my experimenting days are over. I did a lot of experimenting in high school until I found a look that suited my taste for my eyes.
  • That I still enjoy writing although what I write has changed. When I was younger I used to write poems, short stories and even attempted novels (I never finished one,lol). Now I enjoy writing six word stories and blogging about what interests me at random.
  • I quickly lose the motivation to share an experience or information if I don't share it within a day , two at most. You should see my draft pile! There are far too many blogposts that I was motivated to write put it off and then lost interest. I noticed I tend to do this about conversation as well. If I have something to share and the person I want to share it with isn't available I eventually lose interest in sharing. I refrain from telling them even if they ask me what I wanted to talk about later on.
  • I'm not disciplined when it comes to stuff I have an option in doing but I say I really want to do. I kinda already knew that but attempting to blog on a schedule made it more obvious,lol

How many blog posts have you written so far? 
What has blogging made you realize about yourself?

Seeing that this is my 101 post.
I had to post Cruella de Vil song from the 101 Dalmatians movie. Enjoy!

prepare yourselves more memes are coming lord of the rings meme

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