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Wednesday, September 25

'Obese stomachs tell us diets are doomed to fail' - Graphic

"The way the stomach detects and tells our brains how full we are becomes damaged in obese people but does not return to normal once they lose weight, according to new research. Researchers believe this could be a key reason why most people who lose weight on a diet eventually put that weight back on." -Science Daily

As you know, I have been on an exercise kick. I have also been cutting down on my sweets this summer. The reason why I'm worried about what I eat is because I know my metabolism is going to slow down. I also know what I eat affects my boyfriend as well. I cook so I provide most of the food he eats.

Since reading this article last week I have been making small steps into changing the way we eat. He has a problem with eating all on his plate regardless of how big the portion is. I have cut down his portions and if he is still hungry I make him drink water. I plan to keep doing this even after we meet our goals. My goal is getting in to shape and developing a habit of working out, his is loosing weight. Since my portion controlling is backed by research he really can't argue with it. =)

How do you plan to use this information for your benefit?

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