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Saturday, September 21

Why You Should Go Offline on a Regular Basis - 'Online Time Can Hobble Brain's Important Work' - Graphic and Memes

If you need some motivation to cut down on your online time or want a tip that may help improve your memory read along!!!
Text on graphic says:
Did you know that a typical session of social media browsing can easily hobble your brain by information overload?! The result is less information gets stored away in your memory!!
According to Science Daily:
"While you are browsing online, you could be squandering memories -- or losing important information.

Contrary to common wisdom, an idle brain is in fact doing important work -- and in the age of constant information overload, it's a good idea to go offline on a regular basis, says a researcher from Stockholm's KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Erik Fransén, whose research focuses on short-term memory and ways to treat diseased neurons, says that a brain exposed to a typical session of social media browsing can easily become hobbled by information overload. The result is that less information gets filed away in your memory." Read  more here.

This is terrible, isn't? How else will I distract myself and procrastinate if I cut down on the internet? Darn! LOL Since I want to improve my already impaired memory I have no option but cut down. On the other hand cutting down might help me blog more. I can see myself using blogging as an excuse to browse since you know I am in need of constant great but fresh material.
Below I use memes to reflect my personal life in relation to the above information.*ahem ahem*
hour on japanese and it's gone southpark meme
text says: "Hour on Japanese, 5 minutes on facebook later and it's gone"
Getting nerdy with it...
fml learning japanese pie chart meme
text says: FML learning Japanese.
By red: What I remember after five minutes of browsing internet.
By green: How much Japanese I studied.
Yes, I made a pie chart. It isn't scientific based as in I didn't do a study on myself but I think it's pretty accurate even if it was created for comedic purposes,lol.

Do you often find yourself forgetting something important a session of browsing the internet? If so, tell.

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