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Saturday, September 28

Six Word Saturday + Mall Mini Haul

Sushi, Shopping and reflecting on life.
I photographer asked to shoot with me. I really wanted to shoot because I really adore this photographer's work. Since Bear wasn't able to take me he made it up to me. We went to the mall so he can handle some business. While there I took advantage of H & M buy one, get one free sale. After shopping we went to the Sushi X restaurant in Stamford again. I was a little disappointed in myself because I usually eat two plates of sushi but only could handle one big plate and a quarter plate. On the way back home we discovered another
sushi restaurant called Kumo Japanese Sushi & Hibachi Ultimate Buffet. Their website is www.kumostamford.com . The reviews are decent so we might try that restaurant for one of our birthdays since both of our birthdays are coming up soon.

The pictures below were edited in the Line Camera app.
H&M Romper

H & M Dress

black Betsyville tights and leggings

Fergalicious by Fergie White flats

Black flats by Hotcakes
The pictures below edited at picmonkey.com
Sushi X Food
Sushi X food

At Sushi X , we both had a bowl of sea weed salad. He ate the edamame. We split the aged tofu and sushi plate. I ate more than him on the sushi plate but I always eat more,lol. For dessert, I had ginger ice cream and he had fruit. I think finished my meal with a couple of pieces of sashimi and a piece of candy.

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