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Wednesday, September 25

Time to workout! - Motivational Quote- Video

Tuesday, I didn't work out. This explains why I didn't post a Time to Workout blog post. I'm usually pumped after working out which is great when I want to do the Time to Workout posts. It's more easier to write when I'm motivated. I finish posts way faster as well.
These posts not only are for anyone who needs that extra push but for me as well. When I'm typing I'm affirming my goals. That yes, I do want this. It serves as a kind of proof for me. That this isn't a lingering thought but a burning desire. 
  When my boyfriend is off of work, I have a bad habit of dropping my priorities. I usually don't blog, exercise or tend to other pressing matters when it's our time. I probably shouldn't say it's bad habit. I just devote myself to quality time with him on his off days as so does he.
Today's video is Gaiam's Wake Up Workout Cardio Burn Sculpt from Hulu. To push myself, I put five pound weights on each foot. For the first break, I walked in place. The second break I continued the exercise they took before break and in the third break I did crunches.

 For this video I would recommend:
  • Yoga mat since you will be doing exercises on the floor.
  • Space.
  • 30 minutes. It has commercial breaks.

Fitness quote by CherIf your definition of a great body means you are presumed to be physically fit or 'in shape'. Then guess what buddy you are going to have to work for it. That means you are going to have set aside time and get to it. What better time is now? You are here because there is a part of you that is craving to meet your goal. Stop getting in your way and get to it. You are not going to get there by putting it off, you are not going to get there by a magic formula. You are going to get there by getting your butt in gear that means eating right and exercising.
So, Get to it. 
Stick through the burn because your goal of the great body is worth it.

If the video can't be viewed in your country I recommend you check out Time to Workout! - Motivational Quote- Thank you Inspiring Thing for Today's Video post.

I'm going to post the referral message below just in case you want to join Hulu plus. ;-)

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