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Saturday, September 28

Time to Workout! - Motivational Quote- Video

 I wasn't feeling it. I went to bed late and woke up from a nap not full sleep. I was suffering from insomnia before a hour and some change later I submitted to taking Wal-Sleep Z. When I woke up from the Wal-Sleep Z, I just wanted to go back to sleep. Sleep sounded better than getting up. I had some energy for a couple of hours of blogging and venting but that's it. I didn't want to anything that required for me to move out of a sitting position. After venting I was emotionally drained. Mentally drained and physically exhausted I wanted to sleep. So to sleep I went.
After my nap, I could barely wake up. I just wanted to go back to sleep. I texted some friends and my sister until I had enough motivation to get up. Since it was getting late I decided I should start dinner. It was my first time making the dish so the prep work took a couple of hours. I was piggy backing off of a couple of recipes attempting to make the dish my own. After my beautiful meal was done, I knew I could do today's exercise. I already baked the meal I have been salivating at the thought of for a couple of days so what is exercising but 30 minutes going to hurt? I already spent more than 30 minutes preparing this meal.

So here I am. I'm typing this blog post drenched in sweat because I finally decided to DO IT. You can too. You already have taken so many steps to get to this point. You already spent so much time doing God knows what else. The time is going to past so spend that time and energy reaching your goals. I could have been watching anime, wasting time on facebook, going back to sleep or any other excuse to distract me. I know what I want and even though it took me a lot of strength to get out of the bed at first I eventually did it. Once I was up the rest was smooth sailing. You know what you want, too. So get to it. Take that first step. You are prepared, so Press Play.
Bikini Body Makeover Bootcamp Calorie Burn
I just suggest space for this video. You do some mountain climbers and some push ups so you need enough space for that. 

If the video can't be viewed in your country I recommend you check out Time to Workout! - Motivational Quote- Thank you Inspiring Thing for Today's Video post.

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I did this blogpost last night, September 27th. I decided to schedule it for the morning.

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