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Monday, September 30

Time to Workout - Motivational Quote - Video

Fitness motivational quote Edward Stanley So it was my boyfriend's birthday or how some people say birth anniversary. I turned off the phone to give undivided attention and we celebrated the date he was born on this earth. It was enjoyable, spending all day with him and even napping together. It wasn't until later when I decided that it's time for bed that knowing that I didn't workout bothered me. So you already know what I did I decided to workout. 
The video below is ten minutes. You spend more than ten minutes lollygagging on your phone on a game, a social app or reading an article that is although informative isn't really going to help you immediately.
You know you have ten minutes in your schedule so get to it. Even if you don't feel like it we both know you will feel way better because the next ten minutes of exercising will get you closer to your goal. If you have it in you push yourself another ten minutes or maybe 20 minutes of exercise afterwards.

For this video, I just recommend space, there are no floor exercises but you do move side to side. I didn't do this video with my ankle weights. During the one commercial break I just did squats.

January Jumpstart Cardio Shape up

Since I enjoyed the phone off time so much I'm going to do an experiment in the next couple of days. I'm going to have my phone off and spend time minimum casual time on the internet. I'm only going to permit myself to blog Time to Workout but that's it. I'm curious to see what I think a couple of days from now. I have done this before I just haven't documented my awareness of my phone time off.

If the video can't be viewed in your country I recommend you check out Time to Workout! - Motivational Quote- Thank you Inspiring Thing for Today's Video post.

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