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Saturday, October 5

Six Word Saturday + Athletic Wear Haul

Almost abandoned Japanese....feeling the burn.

So earlier in the week, in Monday's Time to Workout post I told you that I was going to try limiting my phone time. Well I did but I found myself distracted by other things. I haven't been studying Japanese*, reading or my other tasks I took on as an attempt to improve myself.  This break of my phone made me realize just how dependent I am on it. I write notes, listen to audio books, use learning tools all on my phone as well as a lot of other stuff. What I used to do on my laptop (when it worked oh so long ago!) I do now on my phone. Thinking about it this isn't a bad thing though. 
I personally know I just have to practice more self discipline on not getting distracted. The funny thing is that when I get distracted it's often that I deem the thought/s as constructive in the moment but it ends up delaying the task at hand. I will get better on making notes and returning back to the task instead of just excusing my self to go follow the thought. 

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What I have been up to in my free time though is working out. There have been a few days I did about two work out sessions of 20-30 minutes each instead of just one.  I'm going to gradually work on incorporating ankle weights into the more intense videos. Wish me luck!

I only got three outfits this time which is enough for now. I'm saving to wear these for the gym. I can easily wear whatever at home. Next on my list are free hand weights, exercise ball and a cell phone holder for my hips.

*I watch a lot of subbed anime. I thought it would be smart to learn Japanese so I could multitask more efficiently while watching anime. I also read that learning a foreign language helps improve your memory which is why I wanted to learn a foreign language in the first place.
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