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Saturday, October 26

Six Word Saturday + Fitness and Makeup mini hauls

Went to Foxwoods, had a blast!!
I spoiled myself with a couple of frosted donuts!
This week I had fun. I went to Foxwoods for two days. For Bear's job they were holding a conference so I joined in for the trip. The first day before we headed out I returned my due library books. The procrastinator in me didn't get interested in them until the last minute. I'm going to recheck out the for dummies books though. I found them to be better than expected. The Micro business book gives you pretty good ideas for a side hustle/ part time business.
At Foxwoods,  I didn't do much but chill in the lobby while waiting for Bear to come get me. I even took a nap but was woken by the security guard asking me if I was okay,lol. I watched some anime on my phone and then went to the restroom to get ready for the evening.
Initially our plans were to go the conference dinner together but we ended up going to Golden Dragon instead. I had Beef Chow Fun and he had Mongolian Beef. My entree was the best. It was great so I would order it again. However ,his Mongolian Beef didn't suit my tastes. I think the red onions they used gave it a different flavor that I didn't like. The service was great but for the steep price for Chinese food I probably wouldn't go back again the exception would be if I really , really, really wanted some Chinese food and I as uber super grouchy and didn't want to search for another Chinese restaurant .
Beef Chow Fun top left, Mongolian Beef Top Right. 
After dinner we went to The California Pizza Kitchen to get pumpkin cheesecake. We looked out the takeout menu and was disappointed that we ate at Golden Dragon. I didn't know that The California Pizza Kitchen had pasta entrees!! I would have opted to eat there if I knew that. The only reason why I disregarded the pizza place in the first place was because the first time I went there I had a pizza and didn't like it all. Oh well we know better next time!!
The hotel room, lovely isn't it?
Our room's restroom.
[[The Grand Peqout hotel is lovely. I love the color scheme of the rooms and lodging hallways. It's blues, greys and white. It's very serene. I forgot to take a picture of the television, mirror and storage furniture. ]]

When I arrived back at the room after dinner, I had a great nap. I woke up and a couple minutes later Bear called me about going to the club downstairs. I took a bath in the deep tub and before I know it Bear was already settled in. The expression on his face let me know he was sleepy although he was denying it. I still had a lovely evening despite me not going out. It was nice that we ended up laying in the bed and talking about his day.
Friday, I woke up and decided to wear yoga pants. I kinda find it funny how they are separated from leggings in labeling when they essentially the same thing. After check out I chillled in the lobby of MGM  until lunch. I played a few slots with Bin , ate lunch  and then after his last meeting we left Foxwoods. We went to Marshalls and got some stuff. I saw Betsey Johnson bag that I wanted but I decided to get my dumbbells instead!! The kettlepot is a bonus. Even though I didn't get the purse I'm happy nonetheless! After Marshalls he changed his oil to his garage and then we traveled home.
Friday was Yoga pants day for me,lol.
Purchased from Marshalls
Got this at Walgreens! :D
I've been wanting some brown eyeliner for my brows and Revlon Colorstay Toast foundation for a while. The Loreal foundation I use is great but I like the full coverage that Colorstay provides.

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