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Wednesday, October 2

Time to Workout - Discipline Quote - Video

I hate doing push ups. I just hate them. When it was time to work out the other day I was debating on what I should chose. I ended up choosing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred: Level 1. I knew there was going to be push ups. I also knew that I needed that upper body work out. So although I knew I was going to hate it, I ended up doing it anyways. 
When it comes to discipline sometimes I struggle when it comes to doing stuff I know I don't want to do but need to do. I haven't met my fitness goal but I am establishing a habit of doing that is going to get me there. As time goes by making time and just doing it is getting a lot easier.  I look forward to working out. The discipline I needed to do so doesn't take much of  my will now. The sense of accomplishment I get from finishing my exercise makes a great motivator to just do as well.
If you are going to arrive where you want to be, if you are going to accomplish what you tell your self is your goal you are going to have self discipline. You are going to have to control your urges to procrastinate, distract and make excuses. While you are doing the act/s that getting you close to your goal you are going to have to stop your self from quitting and putting in half ass effort. You are going to have to keep coming back for how long and how often it takes to get you closer until you eventually meet your goal. You are going to have to adapt. The great thing is that once you make it a habit it gets easier to just do it . However first you have to make it a habit. That means you are going to have one day where you begin and then a schedule which will continue until you meet your goal.
I know it's in you. You already have come this far we both know you have the strength in you to go farther.

For this video, I recommend:

  • Yoga mat.
  • Space. Need enough to wear you can stretch out your arms while laying down. As well enough for your body laying down flat on the ground.
  • Exercise Ball/s.
  • Weights.

If the video can't be viewed in your country I recommend you check out Time to Workout! - Motivational Quote- Thank you Inspiring Thing for Today's Video post.

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