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Monday, October 21

Yeah, I'm writing about it too : Reflecting on Maria Kang's the now infamous pic

So you might be tired of hearing about Maria Kang and her infamous picture but I'm going to address it. It's my blog and I just have to let it out.

As you might know, I write my Time to Workout posts to motivate me to keep working out, I do understand that they are public and other people might read them so I try to be as sensitive as I can be . When I saw the articles about this lady last week and it took me a while to find the words of my feelings about this. If she was asking me personally I have no excuse. I have the time, health and energy to workout and so I do it. .
When I saw the picture although I thought great she is accomplishing her fitness goals even with being a mom but on the other hand I was uneasy. I was uneasy because what it implies. That if you don't look like her you have an excuse of why and by golly she has three young children and she gets it done. An excuse is negative word which is why it's so offensive. An excuse implies that it's just an illegitimate reason that someone uses to put off what they need to do. That's what I don't like about the picture. I know the excuses I have used but I can't speak for every one else.

Maria Kang what's your excuse pic
Source: yahoo which got if from her fb

I'm hoping I'm not contradicting myself with the next paragraph.....

 My reaction to some of the comments pertaining to the picture is I could understand why people were offended. I didn't like however how people were saying she has the "genetics" to be slim. It just rubbed me wrong. They were stating it as a reason to why her body is like that as if there are no over weight Asian women and all are destined to be thin. This chick was a model before so she most likely had habits that kept her slim . I have felt the pressure to stay slim while modeling so I highly suspect she felt same to get jobs which probably motivated her to stay slim . When she was pregnant she most likely kept those habits so it was easier to go back to them and add on after her children were born. Of course I could be totally wrong about this, I don't know her nor did I research much about her and genetics but she was a recovering bulimic so I'm guessing highlighting habits might be on the right path?

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