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Saturday, November 9

Six Word Saturday + Kumo Japanese Restaurant review

More birthday celebrating at Japanese buffet.

So if you read last week's Six Word Saturday you know it was my birthday week. Since we didn't get to celebrate the day of we rescheduled the lunch for Sunday. We went to Kumo Japanese Restaurant. When I first saw this it was on our way home from another sushi buffet. I was excited once I saw it so I saved it to my phone. When I read the reviews I became apprehensive . Bear said we should try anyways, so we did. It was really busy inside. We were seated down ordered our drinks and to the serving areas we went. We both ate a combo of sushi and hot food. Bear piled beef, shrimp and octopus for our grill plate. After our dinner plates we went to the dessert area I grabbed some fruit , Bear grabbed a small bowl of miso soup. We were pretty much done after that. The selection was sushi didn't trump my favorite restaurant but it was far from bad . It's what you expect from sushi buffets that serve hot food as well. (They had Bear's favorite Philadelphia rolls). The wait staff was friendly and great as well. The bathrooms were nice and  well stocked. We enjoyed ourselves, the food was delicious so we will be returning again when we want the combo of grilled plates and sushi. It was well worth the money.

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