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Saturday, November 30

Six Word Saturday

Pizza for Thanksgiving, Cookies for treats.

This week I have been craving sweets. I think it was a combination of it being the holiday season and premenstrual symptoms. I made peanut butter cookies and added white chocolate chips. They came out perfect!! So delicious. They are highly addictive. I had to use all of my will power to stop pigging out and finishing them off in one day!

For Thanksgiving, I didn't want to cook and Bear didn't really request anything. Wednesday we ordered a pizza and ate the left overs Thursday. The pizza was burnt on the bottom. I was upset Bear didn't care about the pizza being burnt so we just accepted it. I think chef tried to make sure it was done but last time it was fine even with all the extra toppings. Next time we order from Planet Pizza (Fairfield), I'm going to make sure that we tell them not to over bake it and light on the sauce. Taste wise the pizza we ordered Wednesday wasn't as good as the last one we ordered for my birthday. It was tasty but without the olives it wasn't BAM! It wasn't I want to eat the whole pie even though I know my stomach can't handle it. Next time we ordering olives for sure.
With our pizza we had buffalo wings that came with a side of blue cheese and celery. They were okay at first. I like my wings better. I splashed some Frank's Hot Sauce on them and they were really tasty after that. ( Frank's Hot Sauce is the best sauce for hot wings and buffalo wings hands down!! ) I would order the wings again since they came up to 59 cents each for the Wednesday special.

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