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Saturday, November 2

Six Word Saturday + Planet Pizza- Fairfield Review + Layla's Falafel - Fairfield Review

Happily pigged out for my birthday.
This week my birthday passed. I stuffed my face with cheese products, shish kebob , Starbuck's White Chocolate, White Chocolate Mocha and more sweets.

 I'm not from the North East so for a while I had to become accustomed to north east style pizza which is thin. In the New Haven Area, a popular pizza place is called Pepe's. There are famous around here everyone including my mate lives by it. They are stans for Pepe's Pizza. 

Bear always order the 'White Clam Pizza'.  For me Pepe's,is alright. I like the cheese, garlic and clams together but the pizza doesn't live up to it's hype to me. I have tried the New Haven location and the Fairfield and the verdict is still the same. I will eat it for sure if I'm hungry but I'm not a fan. The price, the seared crust and I can care less about the way the bake it (coal fired pizza). However living here for a couple of years I have figured out that if I order extra cheese the pizza is way better .

For my birthday I wanted to try something different so I opted for Planet Pizza. I have seen their flyers and since we had a coupon I thought why not. I ordered the Vegetarian Extra Large pizza light on the sauce. It comes with broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, peppers and onion. For extra toppings, I ordered extra cheese, black olives, artichoke hearts and sliced tomatoes. From a Midwestener's point of view it was simply wonderful. I have tried other Non-Pepe joints* and they did melt my butter but this was delightful. I knew with all the vegetables I ordered that the 'bread' part would be slightly soggy. That didn't bother me one bit. With that big pizza we ate two dinners and two lunches. Even bear a big fan of Pepe's enjoyed it.

 I also ordered a crispy warm cheesecake for dessert. It was cheesecake wrapped in what seemed to be a flour tortilla. Fried and then sprinkled with powered sugar. The cheesecake tasted like that Kraft ready-to-eat cheesecake filling. I tried it warm and cold. It wasn't bad warm, I think it it would have been better if glazed with a mix of cinnamon sugar on the tortilla or if it was an empanada like crust with cheesecake in the middle. I prefer it cold.

The funny thing is that I ordered all those extra toppings and dessert only to forget the coupon. It expires this December so I have enough time to use it and I will, trust me.

I ordered two shish kebab's from here. I was so excited only to be greatly disappointed when I tried it. The meat wasn't grilled which doesn't bother me. It was very tender. The sauce was weak and the wrapping wasn't a pita pocket or something similar it tasted like a wheat tortilla. It was just terrible put all together. I ended up pawning off my other half for Bin's next day lunch. We both agreed we wouldn't be going back to try that again. Which is too bad because I freaking love shish kebabs.

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* I will note Ikea and Bj's pizza is great. It's pretty much give you the vibe of frozen pizza but it's cheap and cheesy (the good way) so no complaints.

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