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Wednesday, November 27

Time to Workout - Quote - Chest and Core Workout Video

I remember being in grade school (or middle school) and our gym teacher told me that bench presses will build up the chest to prevent sagging and it's never too early to start.... or something like that. Of course I was a child didn't even have breasts so I wasn't concerned. Now years later I know I would prefer my breasts to be perky for as long as I can have them. I'm a B cup so they never sagged because there is not much weight on them in the first place! 
Thoughts of no-sag boobs have been plaguing my mind since I have started routinely exercising. My biggest hurdle is getting over the fact that I loathe any exercise that requires upper body strength.  I am weak but like the quote says "To find fault is easy; to do better may be difficult" Plutarch. I have been working slowly but surely on my chest area. I do close gripped chest presses (bench press ?) after each video but my routine doesn't consist of full out workouts targeting that area. Knowing this I chose to do a chest video.
This video was intense after I added the ankle and wrist weights. In the second cycle when I had to face one of my nemesis of fitness, (a variation of) the push up. I hated it but of course I felt better after doing the video.

HIIT Workout: Chest and Core- BeFiT GO | HIIT Fit

For this video you will need:
  • Yoga mat
  • Dumbbells 
  • Space (enough for stretching vertical and horizontal while laying down)
Tidbit from the description of the video:
"HIIT Workout: Chest and Core- BeFiT GO | HIIT Fit is a fiery 20 minute, core-strengthening upper-body circuit workout that is designed to exercise with on the go using your mobile device to burn fat, challenge the abdominals and lift and firm the chest through concentrated high intensity interval training."

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