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Wednesday, November 6

Time to Workout! - Health Quote- Video

He finally is getting on the boat! Slowly but surely he is getting there. A couple of weeks ago Bear and I made an agreement that he owed me a workout session (to be clear him doing the workout). Last Thursday, I told him if he didn't do it Friday that I would tack on another workout session. Well yesterday he finally did one...well 17 mins of one,lol. He had about ten more minutes to go but being out of shape he got winded around that time. I told him it's okay he just have to work himself up to the 25 minute point.  
Since then I have been looking for ten minutes videos as a starter in a weekly routine until he works up to 25 mins, 1 hour ,etc. I found the below video. I did it myself and enjoyed it. We are slowly but surely moving into a healthier lifestyle. So I'm glad. Like the quote says we both understand that our choices of today affects our bodies and health tomorrow and we are acting on that understanding.

For this video I recommend:

  • Yoga mat
  • Dumbbells
  • Bench (I used the side of my bed.)

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source of video: Lionsgate BeFit
Read more about Julius Erving here.

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