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Wednesday, November 13

Time to Workout - Motivational Quote- Video

 I have been falling since last Time to Workout. My body wasn't it's normal self because of "lady issues". Now that it's back to normal I allowed outside circumstances to dictate my motivation. I just wasn't feeling it. I went from exercising almost every day to every other day. It has been two days since I have last exercised but today will be different. Even though I don't currently feel like it I will push myself to do it and then like always I will be happy I did. I do admit that after two days rest I do feel more open to it than before! 
So I recently did a power yoga video. I was going to post that video here but since it's not allowed to be embedded I decided to post another power yoga video by the same company. I read that power yoga will make me sweat but I was surprised that it actually did! ha!
For this video I recommend:
  • Yoga mat
  • Space
  • About 30 minutes because that's how long the video is.
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