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Monday, December 9

Time to Workout - Quote - Buns of Envy Workout Video

My legs are super toned. My butt not so much. It didn't bother me until I noticed how firm my thighs were and I think my thighs are starting to overpower my butt to where it looks like I am losing it. No secret my butt is the last thing I want to lose! I'm going to try and build it up and hopefully it will catch up with my legs in being toned.
I was so sore when I began this video. I had an intense workout session the day before. I ended up using two pairs of ankle weights, my wrist weights and a ten pound kettlebell for this video. I would do it again working with the same amount of weights or more ( still haven't worked with my 15 pound kettlebell yet.) I enjoyed the video. I'm going to incorporate this into my weekly routine.

Buns of Envy Workout

For this video you will need:

  • Hand weights (dumbbells or kettlebell)
  • Yoga mat

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