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Monday, December 30

Time to Workout - Quote - Video

If you are like me, you need constant motivation. Sometimes I feel like blogging other days I just rather pass, same for exercise. I usually don't have an excuse for myself other than I'm just not feeling it. Sometimes quotes help me. Sometimes reading articles that remind me of the areas I want to target help my motivation. Regardless how I got motivated before I always feel better afterwards.

This video was kicking my ass at first! It had all the things I hate plank moves and flutter kicks. I absolutely hate putting my body weight on my upper body. I also hate flutter kicks and similar moves because my plump butt throws me off balance so it makes the move harder or at least I think it does.

Although I complained earlier I enjoyed the feeling it gave me afterwards so I'm going to use this video for my ab focus days this week.

For this video you will need:

  • Dumbbells ( I used my 10 pound kettlbell and then my 15 pound one for the weighted sit ups.)
  • Yoga Mat

I would also suggest skimming through the video before doing the workout. Just so you have an idea of the routine since they change through moves quickly.
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