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Thursday, May 23

Pudgy Nose Beauties, Do You Contour?

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source: tumblr.com
To the pudgy nose beauties into gyaru style full fledge or slightly, do you contour your nose? To the left is the beautiful recording artist Cassie before her nose job. I could be wrong but it seems to be some slight but not dramatic shading on the sides of her nose. I think this subtle shading is lovely and it doesn't bring great attention to her nose.
 I don't contour my nose. I pretty much refuse to because I don't like the attention that it brings to that area. I prefer one's gaze to be drawn to my eyes because that's my favorite facial feature. I could attempt to recreate this slight shading but I see no point. It would be a waste of  time and product because being honest with myself I'm just not a fan of contouring pudgy noses even though there are some cases where I'm actually looking at another woman's makeup and I think "Oh well, that looks nice".

What about you, do you contour your nose? Why? or Why not?

What I'm listening to now... Cassie - King of Hearts
It's not her latest song but it's lightweight and cute.

Wednesday, May 22

Would you please stop saying Kawaii?

Just Say No to KawaiiI stand here today to address a serious matter in  the use of language in certain communities. This matter is the use of the word "Kawaii".  I ask from this day forward to cease from using this word in casual conversations, youtube, blogs wherever it can be typed , spoken or telepathically sent to someone else please just stop. To be clear in case someone thinks they are exempt, to the weeaboos please stop using "kawaii". To the newbs and veterans of anime, manga, cosplay, gyaru style, ulzzang pic whoring and to all the people to whatever subculture where that word was introduced just say NO to saying "kawaii". It has has been over used and abused for far too long. Instead trying using other adjectives like the dated but still usable "cool", are the always popular but not overbearing "cute", when it's fluffy just use "adorable", when it's edible use "yum" and if you're nasty "foodgasmic" or the old and reliable "great" but for the love of God please stop using "Kawaii" that is all.

For some more laughs "Sweet Baby Jesus" reference from Talladega Nights. :D

((This blogpost was typed in jest. Although I find the use of the word overused and slightly annoying it's really not that big of a deal. This post was inspired by a status that I posted on one of my facebook pages which I work under a different alias.  ))

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