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Saturday, June 8

Six Word Saturday

great mini vacation wish for more

I love to travel  I haven't been anywhere new in a couple of years. I wouldn't mind going for a week or two some where familiar if the sole purpose was fun. The mini vacation we had went through a break of going to Bin's garage (which I strongly despise) but it was still a great three days of me and him time.

On Tuesday, after the buffet and the after dealing with effects of the food we shopped a little and walked around. We were waiting for our movie to start. I will write about After Earth in another post.

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel with Nacho Cheese at Target
Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel with Nacho Cheese at Target
Wednesday, Bin needed to go to his garage so we went to northern Connecticut. We both were hungry again when we got there so we stopped at Target for lunch. He had a Pizza Hut Fettuccine Alfredo pasta bowl. I had a cinnamon sugar pretzel with nacho cheese and we split the bread sticks. I had a bit of his pasta bowl and it was actually yummy! It reminded me that I had some Parmesan cheese in the fridge that I needed to use up (which I'm using tonight.) When he went to the garage he realized he forgot the garage keys so we headed back home. We went to Tanger Outlets on the way back. I enjoyed my self with some accessory shopping at Rue 21 and Claires.

Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets
Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets
Thursday, we went back to the garage and he finished his business there. Afterwards we went to the Dollar Tree for studio supplies. At Bed, Bath and Beyond we got a kick ass grater, an avocado peeler and a very lovely Black bowl with red flowers on them. We had a gift card so it covered most of it. We were hungry so we got our all quick food favorite at Stop and Shop, Lobster Rolls!! We also got a 8 piece of chicken for 3.99 but when we counted it was actually 9 pieces. Which is a crazy deal! On the way back home we stopped at Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets . I didn't buy anything. I just wanted to go for the cosmetics store they have but I wasn't feeling it when I was there. They had a good selection of Mac, Smashbox, Lancome, Bobbi Brown though, We walked around and talked just to see what was there. Since the traffic was so low I took the opportunity to take pictures to stamp later on. You can see those towards the end under Thursday's pictures.

I know those three days sound boring but it was actually enjoyable. When we got home we did a lot of movie and anime watching. I just had a good time getting out of the house and spending time with him. I think getting out of the house and driving away a little away from home helped him enjoy the "us" time. The back to back off days always makes me feel like he is actually off of work because he can rest and not worry about work

I doubt that you care to see more pictures of what I ate butttttt I'm going to post the pictures anyway. =P

 More Wednesday Pictures:

Pizza Hut's Fettuccine Alfredo pasta bowl with Bread sticks
Pizza Hut's Fettuccine Alfredo pasta bowl with Bread sticks

More Thursday pictures:
Our all time favorite Stop and Shop fav Lobster Roll!
Our all time favorite Stop and Shop fav Lobster Roll!

Stop and Shop 8 piece of Chicken meal
A lil salty but still delicious!
Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets

Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets

Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets

Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets

Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets

Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets

Clinton Crossing Premium Outlets

Until next time,

p.s. In case you were wondering I added all the stamps starting at 3:30 in the morning with my Line Camera App. Some of the stamps I bought but they have a lot of free ones.

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Teppanyaki & Supreme Buffet Bridgeport Connecticut outside location picture
Teppanyaki & Supreme Buffet outside
So my boyfriend had another three days off. Last week he promised he would take me to this new buffet we discovered, Teppanyaki & Supreme Buffet. Ever since we left Massachusetts and moved back to Connecticut we have been searching for our replacement for our forever beloved Minado's sushi buffet. It's hard to replace a great REAL sushi buffet but hell I will settle for a great Chinese buffet with generic sushi. (( I love my Americanized Chinese food ,too you know!))

So below are my plates of food. I forgot to take pictures of some once I started grubbing so forgive me for that. I didn't even leave there "full" but since we wanted to see a movie I thought it was best to leave after  45+ mins of being there.

source: abovetopsecret.

  • The thumbs up means good/tasty.
  • The thumbs down means I didn't like it.
  •  The Lady Gaga Okay/Poker Face Hand signal means okay.

Teppanyaki & Supreme Buffet Bridgeport Connecticut food picture
Bin's plate of Chinese Buffet Green Beans

Friday, June 7

This Girl Means Business Issue #11

Female Entrepreneur Association Facebook page
I don't know if you are an aspiring entrepreneur like me but if you are or just thinking about it I'm pretty sure you will enjoy this magazine. I read last month's and was pleased. I'm not affiliated with this magazine, I just find it a great motivator.

I had an awesome three day mini vacation during Tuesday through Thursday so I'm catching up to everything work, blog and all. I had a great time, had a lot of food, saw a movie and went shopping. I might post pictures later. =)

Until next time,

Tuesday, June 4


Although her title is about video this can apply to blogging as well. I know I am guilty of this rather it's filming or blogging ( I could have mobile blogged while my computer was down but I wasn't feeling it at all). Yesterday I skipped my 750 words entry at 750words.com, I haven't really been feeling like taking pictures or editing the video I do have. I used the "I have a pimple" excuse not to film this weekend. Yup, that's me....pitiful ol' me, lol.

Using memes I'm going to demonstrate my mind *ahem ahem*:

and that folks is the story of my life.

(( I made these memes over at memegenerator.net ))

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Until next time,

Monday, June 3

Susan Cain: The power of introverts / Shoutout to all the Introverted Bloggers

"In a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else, it can be difficult, even shameful, to be an introvert. But, as Susan Cain argues in this passionate talk, introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world, and should be encouraged and celebrated."
Description is from TEDtalksDirector on youtube.

If you are an introvert according this video you are about a third to a half of the population, so you are not alone! If you are like me this video described you to a T. I'm an introvert, always have been. I was the girl with thick glasses with string around the arms of the glasses (I forgot what that is called) who when you saw her she always had her nose in a book always! Rather it was recess, on the toilet , in the tub or in the car. Anywhere I could read a book in good lighting (I was blind already so I didn't want to strain my eyes anymore than genetics have given me.... Thanks Dad. >.> lol ) I would read it. As I got older, even when my reading waned I was still in my mind . I went more into writing than before. I would write stories and poetry. My mind was playground. 

Are you an introvert?

It goes without saying I definitely appreciate this video. I love how she encouraged her audience to be open to giving space for introverts rather it's in the school, work place, etc. My thoughts: The best thing an introvert can do for themselves to navigate in the world is to know themselves, their strengths and weaknesses and to find people to balance them out. Where you are weak find a person that can benefit you with their strengths. Of course do not be selfish! Let them use your strengths to benefit them as well. This is what I have in my partner. Three years together and we still mesh because we balance each other out. Where he is weak I am strong and visa versa. Although my introverted tendencies can sometimes hinder my productivity he is there to remind me that "hey maybe you should do this" or "You do realize your behavior isn't helping". When he is stumped on a solution he seeks my help. He always how tells me how smart I am but it's really my strength of analyzing and precaution before doing big actions that comes from my introverted personality.

Shout out to all the Introverted Bloggers!!

If you are an introvert and an aspiring blogger don't be discouraged with blogging. I know I am pretty much a newb when it comes to this specific blog but I would be giving this advice with dealing with anything else. One of the biggest hurdles I had to over come with my first attempts at blogging was figuring out the perfect writing material. I would post and wonder is this good. I got to the point I was too into mind that I stopped posting which was my whole goal in the first place!! No more though. My perfectionism and my strong habit of over thinking will not cease me from doing what I want to do. My path of knowing myself has helped me because I know when I start to become overwhelmed with my high standards for myself in my head: I start to recognize how unpleasant I am feeling emotionally, mentally and physically, tell myself how silly my thoughts are and it's not good for my health and calm down. I get out of my head (something us introverts get stuck in at times...our head!! lol) and start doing. If you need help to remind you of how it's okay for that not every move has to be perfect (because we both know it's perfect is pretty much impossible) and to get out of your head. I of course suggest you bookmark this post and save some motivational memes.

One of my fav motivation memes:
Quote: Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow" - UNKNOWN ihearthoneytan.com
Text says:Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow" - UNKNOWN
Image of Audrey Hepburn form wikipedia.com
source: wikpedia.com
About Audrey Hepburn:
Even in death, British Audrey Hepburn is still a celebrated actress whose reign hails from Hollywood's Golden Age. She is not only known for acting in films, her most recognizable being "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and "My Fair Lady" but her pleasant beauty, her iconic sense of style and her humanitarian efforts. Go team introverts!

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Sunday, June 2

"I am selfish." My answer to "Who do you dress for?"

Who do you dress for image
Text: Who do you dress for?
So yesterday I asked "Who do you dress for/ Who do you dress for the most?" For me I would be lying if I said myself. I conform just like most people to society's norm of "decency" or at least I think I do,lol. However I do dress selfishly. I dress to get the results I want even though I know that it is volunteering my partner for an occasional not always ((thank God)) displeasure. Now you are probably wondering what is this occasional displeasure means, it simply means guys try to test my boyfriend as if he's not "man enough" for me.

Now what are the results I want? To be treated well.

Like Marlene said I dress for the image. I know what the society I live in deems as feminine and I use it to my advantage. I wear clothing that is associated with femininity like dresses , skirts , leggings and since he isn't much taller than me a lot of ballet flats. The type of dresses and skirts I wear is what makes me a tad selfish. I  mostly wear dresses that hug my form. I wear the baby doll type dresses as well that he as bought me. It's promoted that form fitting dresses are the most flattering type of dress for an hourglass body shape. I wear it because I like my form and quite frankly I like showing it off.

Honey Tan inspired gyaru gal collage.
This Blonde is having alot of fun. =P
There are some people who thinks ladies of my complexion should never wear Blonde. That I'm making females like me look bad and self hating by donning Blonde hair. Honestly even if people assume that I really don't care. I know how I am treated in Blonde hair and it's quite well. Females are way nicer to me and even when they look like they have an attitude in their face they never express behavior wise . This reaction is great for me (who likes to deal with nasty attitude having people?). Males are nice as well nothing has changed with the
m. I suspect more females are nicer because the blonde is so attention getting that they know males are watching. It's funny how females act when they know males are watching versus when it's just females only , isn't it? ((You see this phenomenon in female oriented communities as well.))

So far I'm hoping I make sense the short of it is I dress to please me while border-lining society's norm of decency. It's funny because I'm attracted to niche communities. Some have cliques who have their own rules and I'm just not interested in following anything that doesn't please me. That's what makes fashion fun there are plenty of options to make your own. I hope I didn't bore you do death, lol.

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Until next time,

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