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Saturday, June 15

Six Word Saturday

went to the zoo had fun

Before we went to the zoo we went to Trumbull mall!! I wanted a necklace, I was lucky they had it. They have big mirrors around the mall that is perfect for selfie full body pics,lol. ;-)
I'm wearing the Lace Front Goddess Waves wig in the color
F2016 MEDIUM DARK BROWN, MEDIUM & LIGHT AUBURN by Lux Hair now by Sherri Shepherd.
The Otter was my favorite animal at the zoo!! I went to see him twice. I have tons of videos and pics of just these two,lol.

LOL Can you tell we had a good time? :D
Bear acting silly!!
Although the Beardsley zoo is really small compared to others ones I have been to I still had fun. It was relaxing to walk around and watch the animals. It wasn't as commercial as other zoos I have been too. I'm used to carts pushing drinks, food and merchandise. I have a lot of pics and video of the animals but I decided not to cram them into this post. =)

Until next time,

Friday, June 14

Um, Hello!! It's POP not SODA! My Dialect Versus the North East!

Luckiest Man in the World: I don't always drink a soft drink but when I do I call it pop meme
I have been living in the north east for three years. When Bear* and I are at a restaurant and the waiter/waitress asks me what do I want to drink, I respond with "What kind of pop do you have?". It never fails they get this dumbfounded look on their face as if I was speaking another language. If it takes the longer than five seconds to comprehend what I just said Bear then says "What kind of soda do you have?" Afterwards Bear and I laugh it off,lol.

Let's meme!!
At a restaurant ...the look is....
Fry meme

When they are probably are thinking....
Jersey Shore meme
I might come off like
Sweet Brown Ain't Nobody Got Time For That Meme

and you are right! LOL
Just kidding.

Adopting dialect is more of something that happens by just interacting with people. For me, it's more subconscious than conscious. I even see Bear has adopted some of the terms my family or I have made up by just interacting with me. You see it all of the time where people adapt new words or phrases because they heard it on a television show, song or youtube video. Do you know how many times I have heard a term or a phrase in a conversation or read something on a social network status and fail to digest what they were saying only to find out they got the phrase from a reality television show!! Too many to count that's for sure!
 It's the same with accent, that's how I received mine. I was interacting with a lot of Texans so when I went back home nine months later I was an alien! People asked me where I'm from and I told them Kansas City like you!

So what is your generic term for a sweetened carbonated beverage?
(( Peep the infographic below for your state.))
via amazonaws.com
Right click to expand.

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*Bear is the name I'm going to refer to my boyfriend now. Took me 24 hours to come up with that,lol.

By the way, I made these memes over at memegenerator.net !

She's too SKINNY!!! She's too FAT!!!

She's Too Skinny She's Too Fat: Replace judgement and criticism with love.
via Unpacking the "F" Word
I loved this when I saw it on Facebook so I had to share!! I appreciate this message. It might seem backwards to the  image to the left but I do believe there are things that flatter people. Instead of belittling people I believe in suggesting things that might flatter them IF and WHEN they ask for my opinion or I ask them if it's okay if I suggest something to them. From what I have seen dealing with female targeted communities that handle fashion, gyaru style, makeup,etc. interjecting one's opinion when not prompted often comes off catty even when a person is trying to help. 

No one asked for your "opinion" Dr. Evil from Austin Powers Meme by ihearthoneytan.comOn the internet it seems that if someone post they are saying they are open to criticism but sometimes people just want to share. Positive feedback is always welcomed of course. Who doesn't want to be told they are wonderful or something they are presenting is great? However some are not really open to be criticized. This is why I love Deviant Art's criticize button (I forgot what it's called) because you know what the person wants. It basically lets people know they want some feedback so they can improve.
This is why I appreciate when people disable comments on their youtube videos and blog posts it sends out the message that opinion is not really wanted , they are just sharing.

My personal guideline I try to follow on the internet and in real life:
If no one asks for your opinion don't give it to them Jersey Shore meme by ihearthoneytan.com

How do you give out your opinion?

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Wednesday, June 12

"Do You live in a Dog or Cat State?" Find out Now!

I currently live in cat state. My home state is a dog state. I like both. Cats are fun and affectionate towards me which I find that funny since I'm allergic to them. I itch every time I pet them or if an owner neglects their household and their fur is everywhere. (I had a friend like that he was too much of a hoarder and terrible house keeper to enjoy being over his house as company.) I love dogs though. Their fur doesn't make me itch and they are loving. Since where I reside doesn't allow small animals the "pet" I settled for is my cactus, Baby P (the "p" stands for prickly). =)

...and that ladies and gentlemen is the story of my life.

Do you live in a dog or cat state?
((Find out now below!))
via Buzzfeed
Right click the picture to expand.

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"Looks aren't everything" Super Model Cameron Russell talks about her privilege, the modeling business and her insecurities

While viewing a video on youtube the following video was suggested (you know those videos that youtube suggest on the right hand side of the site when watching a video). I was attracted to the title , watched it and decided to share.

Cameron Russell: Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.

"Cameron Russell admits she won "a genetic lottery": she's tall, pretty and an underwear model. But don't judge her by her looks. In this fearless talk, she takes a wry look at the industry that had her looking highly seductive at barely 16-years-old."
Side note: I actually thought the word wry was a misspell only to google it and found it is actually a word!!!

My thoughts on "Cameron Russell: Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model.":
I enjoyed this video, not only did she talk about her privilege, hints at the gruesome reality of the modeling world, she admitted her insecurities which we all have to a degree. Rather they are physically related insecurities, insecurities about personality,etc we all have them. She transforms on the stage from something you would expect a supermodel to wear a skin tight black dress with 8 inch pumps to something that is not only more comfortable but considered more humble. She attests to how she is privileged to change people's view of her. Although I can not testify to the degree that she can I have admitted the way I dress is influenced by the treatment I received in my blog post titled "I am selfish." My answer to "Who do you dress for?"

She mentioned she was insecure because she had to think about what she looks like everyday. We all think about what we look like to a degree. Given she earns a living in a very physical/superficial based field it makes you wonder does this intense type of insecurity that is formed from being worried about what you look everyday spill over in activities that cater to beauty and fashion interests like vlogging, blogging, social media sites  and communities that dwell around fashion and beauty like lookbook.nu and chicopedia.com, niche fashion online communities, etc. Although fun and great relationships can come of it, all of these activities and fashion and beauty sites are superficially based.

 If you liked "Cameron Russell's: Looks aren't everything. Believe I'm a model." I suggest you watch the documentary "Girl Model". Do not be discouraged by the 6.6 out of 10 rating it got on imdb.com (That was the rating at the time I typed this blogpost) . It's well worth the watch, at least to me. It's available on Netflix.
Girl Model a documentary about modeling in japan pic
Image source: imdb.com

Netflix's description "Girl Model":
This unflinching documentary profiles a conflicted American scout -- herself an ex-model -- who recruits Russian girls to work as models in Japan.

Wikipedia's description of "Girl Model":
Girl Model is a 2012 documentary film following Ashley, a conflicted model scout recruiting young Siberian girls to model in Japan, and Nadya, a recruited 13-year-old who gets financially taken advantage of during her modeling work in Japan.

My thoughts on the documentary "Girl Model":
Every girl that is interested in Japan and/or modeling should watch this. Actually any girl interested in another country should watch this. It's unbelievable to me how naive some people can be about what they fantasize a foreign country is. Even if you like the surface of what you think that country is, after hearing experiences from other people you really don't know until you live there. Until you experience interactions with people who make that society and they treat you.
When it comes the modeling I feel the same way. Modeling in and outside the United States is made to look glamorous. The movie "Girl Model" and "Cameron Russell's: Looks aren't everything. Believe I'm a model." hopefully gets people to start thinking about what modeling really is and why they have admired it so much. Don't get me wrong I have had my share of modeling and I loved it. However I had people who was honest with me about the business. No sugar coating which is why I can still stand myself.

Girl Model's Official site:

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Monday, June 10

Inspirational: Steve Jobs "If today were the last day of my life"

You know I love making quotes so I had to meme it!
I wanted to tell you about a site similar to OhLife.com. I woke up early this morning like always and was surfing the internet when I found this site. For some reason I just can't find it!! Even though I know I didn't delete my history on my phone it's a ghost in my memory and phone,lol.
 This site that I don't remember the name or url, sends you a question of your choosing to your email every day. I was thinking about what question I would want sent to me everyday with no luck. Later on, I saw this article posted on face book and the question in the graphic I posted is the one I want.
Although so simple this question reminded me that I wanted to do more than what I'm doing now and I CAN do more than I'm doing now. So I'm off to take care of some business!!

(( By the way, I made that stumbleupon account and bitly account like I said I would in the other post. Yay me!))

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Until next time,

I WANT THIS WIG NOW!!: Model Model Deep Invisible Part Wig (Latte) OM17

Below is the review of Model Model Deep Invisible Part Wig (Latte) OM17 by Madison Lee

No negative comments against the lady in the video will be tolerated. I don't want to read them so don't post them.

Model Model Deep Invisible Part Wig (Latte) OM17
source: modelmodelhair.com
Ever since I got the Freetress Bently wig in the color op61327. Wearing wigs haven't been the same for me!! I have bought two other blondes that were darker and I wasn't feeling them. I even received another wig in another color that I wanted from the post "So Beyonce what blend of hair color are you wearing with that awesome dark root?" and it still wasn't doing it for me!!  I have shot videos and taken pictures to review the other wigs but I'm just not into them right now. This wig reminds me of Bently Straightened. If I had the money I would get it in the color OM17 of course!!
 To put it simply I am addicted to the 613 with a light 27 towards the root. It gives me the look I'm going for which is "adult-ish" "glamour model" feel. If you don't know what glamour modeling is it's basically tame as "Maxim" to out there as Playboy and Penthouse. ((If you didn't know I have a history of glamour modeling under a different name.))
When I was reading about Agejo/Agejah gyaru style it didn't surprise me to read that a lot of the girls that rock the style in Japan work in the adult field (a lot of hosting) because quite frankly they "looked" glamour modelish. I think this wig style would fit Mode Gyaru best. Since it's a more mature style.

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Blog Tips: 12 Thing to Do After You've Written a New Blog Post via Marketingtechblog.com [Infographic]

via www.marketingtechblog.com
This infographic reminds me of how much I can do but DON'T!

*Cue the tiny violin*
via gifrific.com

 Some of the stuff on the list I'm a little bit too timid to try . I don't want to come off like I'm imposing on someone. I guess you don't until you try, right?

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Sunday, June 9

What type of shoe is that called? Dust Up Your Shoe Vocabulary Now! [Infographic]

via visual.ly

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What type of fashion bag is that? Dust Up Your Bag Vocabulary now! [Infographic]

via visual.ly

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