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Saturday, June 29

Six Word Story

If only I could make a fortune off of my child art!

Today I used merriam-webster.com's word of the day decoupage.
Feel free to use for writing prompts with credit due of course. =)

Writer's Challenge:
Write a six word story using decoupage.

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Six Word Saturday

World War Z then yummy sushi

From what I remember, World War Z was my first zombie movie that I watched. It inspired me to actually watch "The Walking Dead" that everyone has been raving about. 

The meal at Sushi X came to about $60.
(Two buffet meals, One Ginger ale, One Corona Light , tip)
What we ordered:
Dragon Roll
Tiger Roll - Least Favorite Roll but Bear liked it
Philly Roll Two portions - Classic favorite
X Roll - Favorite Roll
Crunchy Eel Roll - Favorite Roll
BBQ Squid
Aged Tofu
Squid Sashimi
Salmon Sashimi
White Tuna Sashimi
Seaweed Salad Two Portions
Ginger Ice Cream Two Portions

After splitting one plate of rolls and sashimi, two seaweed salads, aged tofu and BBQ Squid Bear was done. I ordered two more rolls and sashimi (can't recall what they were) and then had two bowls of ginger ice cream before we left. I could have ate more, I wanted to eat more but we have been there two hours so he wanted to leave. We had plans to go to the neighboring beach and take a stroll but that didn't work out. When we go out there it was dark already.

I liked the food. It was great for the price however the wait is what made the experience borderline irritating.  If I would have known it would have taken 35+ minutes to get food I think it would have been more bearable. I'm just not used to that. It was busy though so busy plus understaffed gives a long wait for food. I would go again. Next time I just won't make other plans because I most likely won't be able to make them.

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Friday, June 28

'Which My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic pony are you?'

Source: quotev.com
I was sad earlier today. Well actually I was angry then sad. Bear bumped the table and spilled apple cider vinegar on my legal document  It was an accident but still upsetting because those documents are expensive!!
I decided to return to watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic on Netflix to bring some joy and cuteness in my mood. I have been watching it for a few days. While watching it I eventually got the idea to search for a quiz on google. Before I took it I figured I was Rarity at heart and according to this quiz I am...I blame my mom. She is truly a primadonna of the personality of the Rarity personality.

Six Word Story

text: Risorgimento of mind changes the world- Honey Tan
Today I used merriam-webster.com's word of the day risorgimento.
Feel free to use for writing prompts with credit due of course. =)

Writer's Challenge:
Write a six word story using risorgimento.

Thursday, June 27

Six Word Story

Text: Her perfervid heart scared another one.
Today I used merriam webster's word of the day perfervid.
Feel free to use for writing prompts with credit due of course. =)

Writer's Challenge:
Write a six word story using perfervid.

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Wednesday, June 26

The Effects of High Heels on Body [Infographic]

Source: visual.ly
I hope this was helpful. =)

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Tuesday, June 25

17 syllable poem

Using The Learning Network's word of the day palate.
Avatar stickers are from the Line Camera app.
Can witty statements be poems? I hope so because this is what came to me. This is more of a reflection of the many complaints I hear and read from young women my age,lol. Personally, I don't stick it out with people who I don't mesh with well, losers or borderline sociopaths.

Feel free to use as an writing prompt with credit recognized of course.

Writing Challenge:
Write a six word story, Haiku or 17 syllable poem using the word palate.

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This is a pre-created post formed on June 24, 2013.

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Monday, June 24

A Story in Six Words Today and 17 Syllable Poem

Yesterday I came across of list of beautiful and ugly words. I tried the six word story exercise on one but the few others that caught my eye I was struggling. So I thought I could do a haiku poem!! However I struggled with that as well. Defeated, I decided to just  take the 17 syllable method that Haiku uses. Delighted this was much easier for me,lol.

So with freedictionary.com's word of the day today gallivant , I tried the six word story and 17 syllable poem.

My first attempt of Six Word Story
word of the day gallivant proverb
This sounds like a proverb than a story so I tried again.
My final attempt at Six Word Story:
word of the day gallivant six word story

My 17 syllable poem
Word of day gallivant poem

Feel free to use for writing prompts with credit due of course. =)

I was thinking of parents who neglect their children to live a second childhood only to be lonely and deserted when their body starts to wear down. They burn bridges with their children by avoiding responsibility only to wake up when the tables have turned.

Writing Challenge:
Write a Six word Story, Haiku or 17 syllable poem using the word gallivant.

Optimum Timing For Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Linkedin Posts

source: socialmediatoday.com
I just post when I am free,lol. T_T
I just noticed that it doesn't give you the time zone of the times to post. Hm, so I'm guessing you post in your time zone to reach your time zone audience? I don't know.

Do you have a method of posting on social networks?

How to Create Kick Ass Google+ Posts!! [Infographic]

Click pic to enlarge
source: socialmediatoday.com
So when I post on Google+ I use the description and bit.ly link that bit.ly gives me. I'm going to change my posting by using hashtags and images. (I use images when I'm on facebook to promote blogposts.) I never knew that they had a what's hot button on Google+ shows how much I have been paying attention while on there,lol.

What method do you use to post on Google+?

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How to Create Kick Ass Pinterests Pins!! [Infographic]

Click to Enlarge
source: socialmediatoday.com

I do plan to use pinterest alot more in the near future so this is helpful to me.

Honey Tan Pinterest

What is your Pinterest pinning practice?

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How to Create Kick Ass Twitter Tweets! [Infographic]

Click pic to enlarge.
source: socialmediatoday.com
The most constructive thing I do is shorten my urls. I'm going to try using call to action more. I do retweet tweets what I find relevant to my interests on my blog. 

What is your twitter post practice?

(Feel free to follow me on Twitter above)

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How to Create Kick Ass Facebook Posts!! [ Infographic]

Click pic to enlarge
source: socialmediatoday.com

I'm a lurker social media user so when I do post on facebook, I provide a link, info and a pic. I engage with users as long as I am logged in on my profile. My page following is minuscule so there isn't any feedback,lol. 

What is your facebook post practice?

Next blogpost will be about twitter!

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Sunday, June 23

A Story in Six Words Today

  When I was younger I had a rich imagination and my mother encouraged me to use it on paper, so I wrote. I wrote short stories and even attempted novels. Alot of my stories characters were based on my barbie dolls and some were based on stories of me adventuring with my dogs. 
Well as I got older that slowly waned. My imagination then became overwhelmed with other issues teenagers deal with. In college, my freshman English professor encouraged that I should write more. Too bad I didn't stay or I would have.
Now I'm here yearning to write but have been so out of touch. I do disclose this blog has been a minor attempt especially with the Six Word Saturday's. When I came across the story of Hemingway's six word story. I thought not a bad idea for everyday. So with dictionary.com's word of the day below is my six word story. 

Text says:
A Story in Six Words Today
Southern drawl made the Yankee Call

Today my short story basically makes me chuckle.
Bear still teases me about my 'southern drawl' that I am yet to get rid of.

(( Funny thing I went to dictionary.com's app looking for a definition of a word and saw the word drawl. I decided that I was going to take on the task of six word story only to forget what word I was looking for in the first place!!))

I won't promise that I will do this everyday.  However I like learning new words and refreshing on the meanings of the ones I remember so this won't be the last!!

Feel free to use the graphic as a writing prompt with no editing of the graphic of course. =)

Writing Challenge:
Write a six word story with the word drawl.

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Part 2: What type of shoe is that called? Dust Up Your Shoe Vocabulary Now! [Infographic]

Click pic to enlarge
source: visual.ly

My favorite shoe is the platform!! I love stripper shoes!
Flats are great as well especially if you have a short boyfriend,lol.

Click below for
Part 1: What type of shoe is that called? Dust Up Your Shoe Vocabulary Now! [Infographic]

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You might be ADDICTED to the internet if...The symptoms of internet of addiction

You can read more at the dailymail.

From dailymail.co.uk:
The American Academy of Paediatrics has also recently published guidelines regarding children using the internet.It says excessive social media use can lead to attention problems, school difficulties, sleep and eating disorders, and obesity. It also encourages parents to help their children learn to use the internet in moderation by having rules including not allowing a computer in the bedroom, and only allowing a certain amount of ‘screen time’.

If my boyfriend saw this list he would probably accuse me of this when it comes to facebook,lol. It's not true though. I'm not even into facebook like that. I keep it for networking and to keep up with my family. I do have a habit of finding new social apps becoming obsessed with them and then dropping them when I find another cool app though. =P

Until next time,

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