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Saturday, August 10

Six Word Saturday

feeling like crap the whole week

Partial of me feeling like crap was due to my menstrual cycle but after that ended why I still feel this way I'm still trying to figure out. It's kind of pathetic that the highlight of my week was finishing watching the 'Rose of Versailles'. It's old school but well worth the watch if you like anime dramas. 

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Pittsburgh and North Carolina

This time I'm going to post pictures that I have taken of my visit to Pittsburgh and North Carolina with added commentary along the way.
One of the Greyhound bus stations in Pennsylvania. I forgot which one it is.
It's silly of me, but I didn't take any pictures of Pittsburgh while I was revisiting. I had time to burn too and it just didn't cross my mind. Next time I will be better and attempt to be in blogger phase, I was more in vacation phase. I arrived in Pittsburgh that Sunday night. I only shot one evening within the five days I was there. I'm really disappointed in myself. Looking back there are a lot of ways I could have handled differently including attempting to set up paid glamour shoots with other photographers before hand. Reflecting this has been a relearning experience about how time can be used and should be used constructively. 

It rained heavily that Saturday Morning. Some people lost their houses and cars in some areas.

Bojangles Cajun Chicken on a biscuit with a picnic side of macaroni and cheese. It was the first time I ate here. The food was decent. I would eat here again but I don't get the over hype of this place.

On the way back to Pittsburgh.
At North Carolina, I shot again and that was Saturday evening behind an alley. Sunday when we came back to Pittsburgh from North Carolina we shot again that night.  I shot three times and I didn't even shoot half of the stuff I bought. It was just bad timing on my part.
Houlihan's stamped with Line Camera characters.
Looking outside Houlihan's window.
Houlihan's Nachos. They were okay. I wouldn't order again for the price it was around 13.00!!!
Houlihan's Apple Pie. Salty crust exnay that and you have a decent slice of pie.
I left Pittsburgh Monday night hugging my friend goodbye. Although I didn't accomplish all that I wanted to I still enjoyed the trip. I will posting the professional pictures up soon.

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Wednesday, August 7

Detroit, Belle Isle and Motown Museum

To give a summary of my trip. I'm going to use pictures and fill in with words.
When I first arrived to Detroit I had breakfast at Bob Evans. It was my first time there it's basically franchised diner food, similar to a Denny's, Ihop, etc. I had a waffle which pretty much held me over all day. I was really tired because I didn't get a wink of sleep before my flight. However I'm glad I stayed up for as long as I did because I got a tour of Detroit that greatly changed my perspective of the city.

Below are my favorite spots that I visited in Detroit.
Belle Isle's Beach. Although there was bird poop everywhere it was still pretty.

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