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Saturday, October 19

Six Word Saturday

Sleep schedule all wack. Help me.

Feminist Makeup Tutorial aka The BEST makeup tutorial EVA!!!

This is supposed to be a makeup tutorial parody.

Even in the description Taylor says "in case you didn't catch on, this video is supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek parody on some of society's crazy stereotypes of feminists."

I found it hilarious.

((And yes I used eva and not ever on purpose. =P ))

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Friday, October 18

Women's Health Magazine - Weekend Challenge: Cycling Russian Twist

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Six Word Story

For today's six word story dictionary.com's word of the day from yesterday blowzy is used.

Writing challenge:

90% of Women agree "I control my fashion, fashion doesn't control me" - Infographic

This another one that I had in my draft folder and never got back to. I don't even remember the purpose behind the post. I still like to infographic, I find it interesting so might as well post. If you have any comments on how you relate or don't with any of the information on this graphic. Share in the comments. :D
via visual.ly

Favorite Love Quotes of the Week

I made these a couple of weeks ago at the beginning of October. I was going to post my thoughts about each quote.  As you see, I never got to it. So I thought I might as well post them so the time that I did spend on making them won't go to a  complete waste,lol.

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Thursday, October 17

Quote of the Day

I had this in my draft folder for over a month. What better time to publish it than now? I thought about the question posed in the quote and didn't get a concrete answer because I really don't know. (As you see I didn't think too hard on it,lol)

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Tuesday, October 15

Six Word Story

For today's six word story I use yesterday's  word  of day from wordsmith.org, measly.

Writing Challenge:

Monday, October 14

Time to Workout - Motivational Quote- Video

 Yesterday I saw an old friend. Although we talk all the time on the phone, text and social network it was still nice to see him. We talked about life and the last time I had a shoot with him. (He's a photographer). I shared with him that after seeing the pictures, I got a wake up call. Granted I was bloated in the pictures but I saw me turning into someone that I did not want to.
When I told my family I gained weight they jokingly replied "where?".  I pointed at the pictures I took with them. They acknowledged that I gained weight but they saw nothing wrong, which is understandable. The last time I saw the doctor she wasn't concerned about weight at all. She didn't even mention it. I acknowledge to most people that I am still "slim". However my pictures said another story. My pictures were telling me that I was going down a path that would be hard to break from in the future if I don't change now.
See the thought of getting married and having a children is a nice idea to me. I do know that when I have children that my time for me will be limited and I will have even more distractions. The future is what concerned me. I knew if I didn't start a habit of fitness that it will be much harder later on. I knew that the time I spend now is going to help create my lifestyle later in life. Even if I'm still benefiting from my youth and there is not immediate need for change, if I kept going down the path I foresaw I was going to need that change.
Pulling it together with the quote, I know I can do better. So I am doing better. At first I was making excuses. I told myself that my fibroids were the reason why my tummy wasn't as flat as it used to be. Then that excuse got old because it didn't explain the weight I gained in my butt. (Note: I'm not complaining about the weight gain to my butt at all! lol ) I knew where I didn't want to be in the future so I eventually stopped making excuses. I know I can get to the level of fitness that I want. I started out a couple of times a week and now I'm up to almost every day. ( I had a break yesterday Sunday and last week I had two days off , Sunday and Monday.)

You can do it as well.
First, you must believe. When you finally decide to act on your belief then and only then you will know within yourself you can achieve your goal.

What I recommend for this video:
  • yoga mat
  • space

I really enjoyed this workout after my Jillian Michaels Six Week Six Pack Level 2. For this week I'm going to be adding this after my first workout.

I'm going to post the referral message below just in case you want to join Hulu plus. ;-)

I'm watching my favorite TV shows with Hulu Plus. Try it now & get 2 weeks free!

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