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Saturday, December 21

Six Word Saturday

Getting rid of emotional burdens. Freedom!

I have been slowly but surely getting rid of things and people that just drag me down. I deleted some social networks that were just wasting my time. That helped me distance myself away from people since I had a problem with being nice for nothing. Now I'm moving to not caring about people who do not care enough for themselves. I did a lot of that earlier this year. It turns out I need to do some more emotional cleaning so I have been distancing myself from people this month. Every time I have standards of how much I'm going to care for people I end up feeling way better. In 2014, I'm not going to allow people to emotional drain me anymore. I have wasted too much time worrying and stressing over other people. It's about time I am truly selfish and focus on me. No distractions.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Friday, December 20

Weekend Challenge: Stability Ball Hip Raise

Since my stability ball isn't fully blown up (I need a new pump) I'm just going to modify this to hip raises.

Enjoy your weekend!
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